Face Masks from Persimmon


I always wonder how can people think that being beautiful, having a pretty face can capture many hearts. But do you ever think, how long will it last? I believe it will only last as long as it stays beautiful, and what comes after that? Nothing. Only a beautiful heart, a great personality can live forever and capture many hearts. Because one day we all will turn to dusts and only our deeds will remain. I believe a person can be beautiful if their heart is beautiful.


“A beautiful face means nothing if the heart is not beautiful.”

A question arises in my mind that what is being beautiful. Is it how we dress or how we look? I believe in the following quote


“Being beautiful is not the way how you dress or how you look, or how many pigments you put in your face. Being beautiful is about staying Simple.”


Let’s just stay simple. Avoid chemicals and pigments and other unnatural stuff.
Today we are going to share amazing face masks made by persimmon fruit with you.
The persimmon fruit Is very good for health and skin as well. It contains many minerals and proteins.

Here is a face mask for face brightening and aging.

For brightening,

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-Take some pulp of persimmon and grind it.
-Mix it with oatmeal and make a paste.

-Apply it for 15-30 minutes.
-Rinse it with warm water.


For aging:-

-Take some pulp of persimmon.
-Mix it with water or cream (Equal proportions).
-Apply It to face for 15-30 minutes.
-Rinse with warm water.

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