Sketching Tutorial

Sketching is my favorite thing to do, specially when I have nothing to do. Making a sketch gives peace to my mind, it relaxes my mind from all the troubles around my life. I believe sketching is nothing but expressing your mind and heart on a piece of paper. It’s not how good or bad we draw, it’s about drawing our thinking, our vision. .I really love this quote;



“Create with the heart; build with the mind.”


Anyhow, today I am going to give you some human face sketching tips using Imkhaterina’s sketch.



Sketching Steps:-



  • Get your Supplies.
  • Get a person or their photograph to sketch.
  • Brainstorming for your sketch.
  • Observe the person’s facial features.
  • Draw the outline for the sketch.
  • Always use the lightest colored pencils for outline. I use 2Hwp_ss_20150728_0008
  • Correct the Outline if it doesn’t look like the person. because after shading it won’t change.
  • Start shading, try to start from upwards to downwards, because your hands can destroy your sketch.
  • Use darker pencils for shading, depending upon the light. I use 3B to 8B Pencils.
  • Try not to smudge, because it can look bad. But I smudge sometimes.
  • If you want to smudge, use paper, cotton wp_ss_20150728_0010or cotton buds for smaller areas.
  • After shading, take a look again at your sketch and at the source of your sketch.
  • If they match, you have done a good job and if they don’t you might be in trouble. Try correcting it if that is possible.
  • You’re done!



Just remember one thing that sketching is easy, only if you do from the heart. I do agree that it is highly time consuming but the result is overwhelming. I hope you liked our post.

Thanks to Imkhaterina for making this amazing sketch.

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