Shiny and Long Hairs Herbal Treatment

The most important thing in our life is our Hairs. A girl can never look as amazing  as she can be without her hairs. The beauty of a girl can only be described by how beautiful her hairs are. I believe I can only look beautiful if I have Beautiful Hairs. An amazing quote;

I love my Hairs because it’s a reflection of myself, and myself is beautiful.


I do agree that even we are fully dressed, we won’t look good if we don’t have beautiful hairs. Our hairs are like an accessory, the more beautiful they are, the more beautiful we look.

“You’re never fully dressed without your hairs.”

Everyone wants shiny, healthy and long hairs. We buy many chemical products from the market but technically they harm our hairs more. It is better to use herbal products than chemical ones. So, I believe that I should share this Herbal Hair Treatment with you.


To get shiny and long hairs:-


1)Take a yolk and mix it into yoghurt and then apply this mask on your hair once in a week, this type of mask make your hair dandruff free and give them shine.

2)Take three tablespoons of castor oil and take one tablespoon of glycerin and mix them properly then apply on your hair with soft hands. You can do this once a week.

3) Massage your hairs with any oil type.

4) Eat lots of dry fruits and seasonal fruits.


I believe that our Hairs will only look beautiful if our Health is good because good health shows good hairs. So, I really want to say please do take care of your health. Because you do want to live a Perfect life, right?


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