Benefits of Mustard Oil for Skin

We all are aware of beauty products in the market. But what we don’t know is that most of the products are not organic, they contain chemicals whicmustardoil1h are harmful for our bodies. So, I say that we should go in our kitchen and make our own beauty products because they are 100% Organic.

Even I also think about that we should switch to organic shampoos and soap too. which
are made by ourselves. Anyhow, today I am sharing with you miracles of Mustard Oil for skin and hairs. Most of us only knew that mustard oil is only good for cooking and hairs. Let me share the benefits of mustard oil for skin, and also hairs too.!

Mustard Oil for Skin:



Mustard Oil is extracted from the mustard seeds. It has been in use since ancient times for a whole lot of home remedies to treat various issues. If you feel warmth or sweating after applying the oil, it is not the skin reaction but the increase in blood circulation which is a good thing and surely not a reason to stop using mustard oil.

1. Removes  Tan and Dark Spots:

Mustard oil is effective in removing tan and dark spots to give you a naturally glowing skin. For this purpose, prepare a face mask by mixing mustard oil, gram flour, yougurt and a few drops of lemon juice (As, it is a natural bleaching agent.) and apply it on your face. Rinse with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. This should be done thrice a week for best results

2. Lightens the Skin:

In order to make your facial skin smooth, apply a mixture of mustard oil and coconut oil on your face and massage the area in circles for 5-6 minutes. Gently wipe your face with a smooth and wet cotton cloth. This will stimulate blood circulation, thus lightening your skin as well as getting rid of pimples.

3. Natural Sunscreen:

Due to its thick consistency and high levels of vitamin E,  application of this oil protects your skin against the harsh ultraviolet rays and other pollutants, so preventing skin from cancer. Vitamin E prevents ageing and wrinkles besides acting as a sun shield.

4. Stimulates Sweat Glands:

It also stimulates sweat glands. The body temperature is reduced, and unwanted toxins, salts, and water are removed from the body.

5. Treats Rashes and Infections:

Mustard Oil is very good for treating rashes and infections. Mustard oil is effective in treating rashes and skin infections due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

6. Lip Care:

Mustard oil is a great remedy for dry chapped lips when lip balms or chap sticks prove to be ineffective. Before going to bed, just apply one or two drops of mustard oil on your lips. This will work as a moisturizer.

Mustard Oil for Hairs:-



If you know how to use Mustard Oil properly, this natural product can be a miracle for your hair. The oil is derived from the mustard seeds that are rich sources of vitamins (A, D, E, and K), calcium, magnesium,  minerals (zinc, selenium, and beta-carotene), and iron . Due to abundant presence of vitamin A, it stimulates hair growth. Mustard Oil does not allow fungal growth making it useful for avoiding scalp infections. The oil is considered to be highly beneficial in treating dry and damaged hair. This natural product is the perfect option to strengthen our hairs and reduce hair fall.

The following are ways you can apply mustard oil.

1. Normal way:-

Apply the oil a bit warm because it stimulates blood circulation. Massage it on scalp for 15 minutes. Leave it for 2 hours. Best is to leave it for overnight. The oil will go away in 2 shampoos.

2. Using with water:-

Make a mixture of mustard oil and water in equal proportion. Beat it like you are beating an egg while making cake. Or you can put the mixture in a bottle and shake it for some time. Apply it on your hairs and leave it for some hours. This is how I always apply to my hairs as it is less greasy and works better.

According to my knowledge, I can say that Mustard Oil works as a miracle for skin and hairs. So, do try it.

Always remember,

“Beauty is not flawless, It shines even through your flaws.”

No one is perfect, and no one is beautiful. It is only about how we thinking we are, if we think we are perfect and beautiful than we are perfect and beautiful.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone see it.”



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