How to – Glam Makeup

In this post we are going on How to – Glam Makeup. We all are aware of it, that what is glam makeup and if not it is about a makeup in which we become glamorous. We become more beautiful and attractive.


“I think that glamour is about confidence and really owning the look.”


So, just own the look and become a Glam person. A glamorous person is always Perfect. So, be a perfect!

Glam Makeup Tutorial:




In this tutorial, we will learn how to apply the above eye makeup and lip color. As, for the face you don’t need to apply anything apart from a touch of Blush?  Because a simple face is a perfect face, anyhow if your face is not perfect please check our blog’s other posts in Pretty You.


For Makeup:


  • First of all wash you face.
  • Apply skin color on the eye lids.
  • Apply white or Skin colored eye shade on Highlight Area.
  • Than Apply Orange eye shade on Brow Bone
  • Extend this line a bit farther using Brown eye shade
  • Merge the colors using another brush.
  • After merging the colors, take a white eye pencil and use it in the tear duct (Both upper and lower).
  • Use Black eye pencil in outer corner’s lower lash line area.
  • Merge this in the way according to the picture.
  • After completion, apply  Eye Liner (Check our detail post on Eye Liner Application) and Eye Mascara.
  • When you are done, apply Red Lip Color (Check our detail post on Red Lip Color Application).



Viola! You’re done.

This look will look Perfect on everyone, who wants to achieve Glamour and Boldness. So, do try it!



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