Glitter Purple Eye MakeUp Tutorial

The world is full of beautiful colors, and of course some colors are our favorite. Like, some girls love Pink color from their childhood but their favorite color changes form time to time. My favorite color have changed into Purple. So, today I am going to share with you Purple Color Lovers Personality and a Glamorous Purple Eye MakeUp!

Purple: There’s not much to be told about purple lovers! Most of them are mysterious, secretly imaginative people. If your favorite color is purple you may consider yourself to be different and unique from others. You’re a charmer and intrigue people with your mysterious aura. You’re easy to get along with but hard to fully understand because of your secrecy. You have many friends, but not many of them fully understand the true unique you.


Purple symbolizes royalty, mystery and the ability to dive deep into the depths of the impossible.

Purple is the color of magic!


Glitter Purple Eye MakeUp:


Let’s start by preparing our eye for MakeUp with a Primer/Eye Base. I would really recommend using Eyeshadow Base, because the color appears more vibrant and stays on for quite some time.


Next, we start by using Nude colored Eye shadow.



Use Purple colored Eye Shadow in the crease area of the Eyes. Apply a good amount of Eye Shadow.



Now, use Eye Shadow Whimsical or any color you have the looks like it. Use it in the beginning of the Eye Lids.



Now, use Whisteria Eye Shadow or any color you have that looks liek it. And use it in the middle of Eye Lids.



Next thing to do is blend everything using brush horizontally.

snip 333.PNG



It’s time to use Eye Shadow Masquerade or any color you have that resembles teh color. This will be used at the End of teh Eye Lids. This color gives a beautiful mettalic look.



Next thing we do is use Violet from Anastasia Beverly. We use this color in our crease.




We are back again with Whisteria, we are using it to define the lines and to make sure there are no harsh lines. So, our Eyes can be perfect.

Snip 1



We are using White Lies form MakeUp Geek, we will be using this on the highlights/brow bone part of our eyes.



Finally, we are going to use Glitter because nothing is betetr than a touch of glitter. We will apply it in the mid of Eye Lids.



Liquid Eye Liner is being used in this tutorial, because it have so much perfection in it.

snip 6



Remove the Scotch Tape slowly when your Eye Liner has dried.


We will be using a Black Eye Pencil under the Eyes/Lower Lash Line.

snip 7



Also, use Black Eye Shadow to smudge it, but be careful.

snip 8



We are going to use an Eye Shadow named Electro under the Eyes, and blend it with the Black Eye Shadow.




Use masquerade again to give it a nice touch under the eyes.




We will use Black Eye Shadow again to fill the outer Lash Line Area.

snip 222.PNG


It’s time to use Black Eye Masacara

snip 1.PNG


Final Look:



I hope you liked it. This Purple Eye MakeUp is very glamorous and you can wear it to almost any Party!



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