HowTo Chiffon Dress Fashion Sketch

Most of the Girls are Fashion Lovers. The word Fashion comes daily in our life, every person in the world have their own style statement in other words their own fashion style weather we accept it or not. Even simplicity is a Fashion, actually Fashion is not just a new trend it’s a style that fades fast. But style remains forever in our hearts and in our life. The people who are Fashion Lover, are also Art Lovers. I believe if a person can draw fashion illustration, they can easily follow fashion and become a fashionista. So, I want to share a beginner fashion illustration with you.



“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with Fashion. Fashion is over quickly, style is forever.”


So, I believe;


“Fashion Fades, style is eternal.”






Let’s Get Started!

First of all let’s start drawing the Model’s body, so than we can design our dress.


snip 1.PNG


Now, we try to make it’s hand’s outline and erase unnecessary lines.

snip 2.PNG



Now, extend our neck and make the head of the body.

snip 3.PNG


Once we are done with the body outlines, and the hands. We start now with the dress.

snip 4.PNG


Let’s start designing the dress, such as embroidery, and patterns etc.

snip 5.PNG


Once we are done with the designing part, let’s start coloring in our Dress.

snip 6.PNG


The design we made earlier on the top side, is now going to be colored using a different colour.

snip 7.PNG


It’s time to add detailing to our Art work.

snip 8


Now, use pencil for more in depth detailing.

snip 9.PNG


Use a paint brush for blending the pencil work.

snip 10.PNG



Now, keep using pencil and brush to add detailing because anyone can make Art but a beautiful Art looks only good with it’s detailing.


Use the marker again for creating layers or as we speak these days pleat.

snip 3


Once we are done with the outfit, we will finish the outfit’s body.snip 4.PNG


Always remember use a paint brush for blending pencil work.snip 5.PNG



Final Look:

snip 6.PNG



I hope you liked the tutorial. The face of the Model is a bit different, but it’s for beginners, right? Also do check How to – Fashion Illustration.


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