How To Faux WaterFall Braid HeadBand

snip 5.PNG

Summer is here with it’s heat and trends.

The most important part of Summer is to survive in such a hot season. This includes wearing light clothes and of course hairstyle.

I personally love Buns in Summer, but a nice hairband can also be good Today we are going to share an amazing tutorial on Faux Waterfall Head Band. This amazing Hairstyle can be worn in either winter or Summer, which is here with it’s hotness. I hope you like it.




Faux Waterfall Braid Headband:


1) Let’s start by coming our hairs.

snip 112.PNG

2) Now, part your hairs either to the very most left or right. Making it next to your Eye Brows.

snip 111.PNG


3) Now, take a part of your hairs.

Snip 1.PNG


4) Make 3 sections of the hairs you have taken.

snip 2.PNG


5) Start Braiding, lie you usually braid. Nothing too fancy.

snip 3.PNG


6) Complete the braid and put a rubber band at it’s end. So, it won’t open up.

snip 4.PNG


7) We are going to work with the bumps of teh braids. Buy putting hairs in it’s loops.

Snip 5.PNG


8) Now, what we have to do is we will be taking out the very first loop and open it gently and put one of my finger in it. To keep it open.

snip 6.PNG


9) Now, we will take a part of the front hairs and put it inside the loops.

snip 7.PNG


10) Now, gently pick it out form the other side.

snip 1.PNG



11) Th precious one was our very first hair stitch. Now we will move on to the next one.snip 2.PNG


12) We are not going to doing it all the way. we just need to even it with the other side.

snip 3.PNG


13) Clip it with your hairs using bobby pin, making sure that the pin doesn’t show.

snip 4.PNG


14) Now backcomb you hairs, so they will look a bit  and this may give your hairs some volume.

snip 6.PNG

Final Look:





Do check the full video.





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