20 Steps Sketching Tutorial: Black Flower Dress


I believe anyone can become a great Artist but not everyone is born with Artist Talent. So, all you need is just a little bit of practice and have some faith in yourself. Anyhow, today I am going to share with you an amazing Step by Step Tutorial on an outfit sketched and designed by myself. I hope you like it and I have tried my best to explain each step.

I had never been good in Arts subject, at least in school times. But I loved Art so much, so I practiced so much that I have finally know how to sketch. If I would have gave up on sketching, I woulld have never know what I was capable of and know my abilities. I have been sketching real faces before and now I have moved on to Fashion Sketches.

If someone says you are a bad artist, ignore them and never give up, if you have passion for Art. So, all I advice you my friends is to never lose faith in yourself, because it might happen that you may surprise yourself too. You never know what you are capable of until you test your limits.

Step By Step Tutorial:


1)First, gather all you material.

  • Pencils (2H to 8B)
  • Erasers
  • Sharpeners
  • Sketch Book
  • Scale

2) Now, draw margin lines.

3) We already have a design in our mind, and if not start thinking.

4) Since you have decided now start with the pose first and draw it’s body. As, we are making a dress so we didn’t need to make it’s legs.


5) Now make the lines a bit fine. WP_20160514_005

6) Make the dress’s angle like it’s moving due to wind.WP_20160514_006

7) Now, draw it’s hairs and scarf sort of thing that the model have in her arms.


8) Once, we are done constructing the Dress layout. We are going to make some patterns on the Skirt/bottom area.


9) As, you have seen that I have changed the design pattern. Follow by making simple flower, use your imagination, let your mind fly.WP_20160514_019

10) I have continued making flower in the whole bottom/skirt area.WP_20160514_021

11) Now, we are going to colour the top part in the vertical direction.


12) It is time to colour the flowers we have made. But make sure that you colour the flower by filling each petal at a time. This will give a very nice look. I will be continuing color it to the last of the flower.


13) Once we are done doing the flowers, we will make the top colored a bit darker, it is because the flowers were very dark and the top area was looking a bit dull. So, in order to balance we colored the top part and the scarf a bit darker. I have used 8b pencil.WP_20160514_024

14)  After completing the outfit’s main outline including color. Let’s start doing the collar bones.WP_20160514_025

15) Anyone can make the above outfit, right? What remain now is detailing, this is what makes the art more beautiful. Let’s start by giving shading, keeping in mind the light source. As, I have imagined that the light source is on the right, so the left par will be a bit darker.


16) We are done shading the flowers area. But something is still missing, don’t you think?


17) The shading was not right, so we make the left part more darker.


18) Now, let’s add fabric pleat/plait so it will look a bit realistic.We are also going to color the hands, neck, face and exposing waist.


19) Now, start doing shading again. Don’t you think we forgot something? Yes, we did the elbow. Have you noticed now haha.WP_20160514_031

20) Shade the left part of neck and face a bit darker, keeping in mind the light source.WP_20160514_033

We are done! This was easy, don’t you think? You can make many outfits with the help of this tutorial. Also, a friendly advice never start from coloured sketches because it is difficult. Always use black and white pencils, in short graphite pencils.

I hope I explained well, this was my very first tutorial in which I have used my own work. Hope you like it.


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