How-To Dye your Hairs Part 1

Some people love to experiment with themselves and their amazing hairs, but they hesitate from dying hairs because they are not really good for hairs, as in health, shine and it’s beauty. I do agree dying hairs can cause hair fall problems, dullness roughness etc. But did it ever occurred to you that why it does that? It is mainly because of bleaching and harsh chemicals in dyes. If you have Dark brown or black hairs you need to bleach your hairs to platinum blonde in order to get neon or fresh colors. In short, we can say that bleaching our hairs mean that we are killing our beautiful hairs. But to every problem there is a solution. Let’s start solving the problem!

Dyeing your hair at home saves you money and time. You’ll need to learn how to choose the right dye, the perfect bleach, preparing your hairs and face for dyeing or bleaching, conducting a strand test, applying the dye or bleach, rinsing your hair, and touch up your roots once your hair begins to grow out, also it won’t be necessary if you are going for Ombre/Dip dyes. Also do check this blog’s article. Bleached Hair Horror Story, this articles looks very good because it gives Dye Beginners confidence, courage and lesson.



My Experience:


I am going to share my own life’s experience about dying hairs myself. I have dyed my hairs in quite a lot of colors like blue, purple, green, orange, golden, auburn, hot pink. I bleached and dyed my hairs and they looked really nice and professional. I also didn’t had much hair fall, roughness etc. My Hairs were as beautiful as they were before, but yes they did got damaged. But, I haven’t faced much problems because I only did few strands, I even dip dyes my sister hairs. Everyone Complimented our hairs. It felt really good that I can dye my hairs in any color, they looked really professional, and everyone liked them.

Any person who have dyed their hairs can relate themselves with this artivle “ 7 STRUGGLES EVERYBODY WITH DYED HAIR UNDERSTANDS | HUMOUR ” . I totally agree with the author.



Bleaching Hairs:




The following are few tips I like to give you for bleaching:-

  •  First of all, don’t wash your hairs for at least 5-7 days. it is mainly because the natural oils in our hairs will protects the hairs from  harmful effect of bleach.


  • Apply coconut oil 8-12 hours before bleaching.  Best used before sleeping, a hot oil massage.



  • Try to first bleach some parts of your hairs as bleaching the whole hairs can cause problems. You can bleach your hairs for streaking, low lights, high lights or dip dyes.


  • Bleach your hairs till level 7-8 if you want to get some nice fresh colors like Vampire Red from Manic Panic. But if you want to go for some tints you can leave it at 4-6, I have only bleached my hairs till level 7



  • Warm colors such as Red, Purple, and Pink can easily appear without toning your hairs. But Cool Colors such as Blue, turquoise need lots of efforts to come up. They need toning your hairs. Check this article How To: Tone Bleached Hair with Manic Panic for some toning tips.


Our next post will explain how to dye and apply dye on your hairs. It is very simple. All you need is some confidence and courage to dye your hairs. I hope you like our post. Do give your feedback.


6 thoughts on “How-To Dye your Hairs Part 1

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