How-To Dye Your Hairs Part 2

Some people are crazy for experimentation which is related to style, hairs and makeup, but there are some people who do not have confidence or courage to dye their hairs. They hesitate from dying hairs because they can affect the hair’s health, shine and their beauty. I do agree dying hairs can cause hair fall problems, dullness roughness etc. But ever wonder why we face such problems? It is mainly because of bleaching and harsh chemicals in dyes. If you have Dark brown or black hairs you need to bleach your hairs to platinum blonde in order to get neon or fresh colours. In short, we can say that bleaching our hairs mean that we are killing our beautiful hairs.  Also, using bad company dyes can also be a problem, you can use natural dyes available in the market such as henna/Mehandi or you can make red colours or other from natural fruits and vegetables. But to every problem, there is a solution. Let’s start solving the problem!


In our previous post, we have discussed bleaching, it’s purpose, advantages and it’s bad effects of hair’s health. In this post, we are going to discuss dye, not tie and dye. Anyhow, first of all, prepare yourself and by yourself, I mean you, your mind not your hairs. Because dying is not just a makeup than can be washed off with just some water. It is permanent (Well, most of them.) and the bleached hairs will not go back to its colour. They can only be removed by growing all your hairs and then cutting the bleached hairs. You can get some inspiration and courage from the author of Hair Goal: Ombre. That article is very good and inspiring and it might help you with the confidence issue.


Love this quote,

“It’s not just a hair color. It’s a state of mind.”



Hair Dye Tutorial:



  1. Let’s start by gathering the required material. Such as,
  • Hair dye ( Choose the colour you want it can be pink, purple, yellow, auburn any you like.)
  • Apron
  • Gloves
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Bowl
  • Tissue Paper
  • Old Shirt
  • Vaseline or some lotion
  • Mirror
  • Shower Cap, Foil or some plastic wrap type thing
  • A friend/helping hand (Optional)


2) Now, wear an old shirt. so you won’t get dye on your clothes.


3) Wear gloves so you won’t mess up.


4) Apply Vaseline or any lotion which you have access to on your neck and face. It is only because you might get some dye on your face and neck area.


5) Start mixing the Dye as instructed on the Dye Box or if it is Manic Panic than no need, because it comes prepared all you have to do is just apply it. (My suggestion is used some already prepared dye. Because I once used a Dye which I had to prepare by myself using a developer and the dye. I mixed them wrong and this result in brown hairs instead of purple.)


6) Use a clean Bowl and Brush for mixing and application purpose.


7) Apply the Hair Dye on bleach or unbleached hairs. You can get help from our previous post if needed further information. Also, you can contact us by commenting on the post.


8) After applying the dye, start combing the hairs. And the dye that has come in the Comb just spread it on the hairs. We don’t need to waste the dye, do we?


9) Cover your hairs with Shower Cap, Foil or some plastic wrap type thing.



10) Let the dye sit for some moment, as instructed on the dye’s instruction. Also, if it is Manic Panic than you can leave it on and forget maybe like 3-8 hours ( Manic Panic lasts very long and have very beautiful colours.)


11) Wash your hairs with cold water and it is a suggestion from me that use a colour protect shampoo.


It is very simple to use dye your hairs, but it is difficult to maintain your hair colour. But not that difficult, all you need is just to put some efforts. You can ask me any question related to hair dyes, I have dyed my hairs so many times. I am not a professional but I have lots of experience, I guess.Anyhow, I hope you like our post.



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