What is Art & Fashion Sketch by Watercolors

The Article is about Art, importance of Art, who is an Artist and an amazing tutorial on Fashion Illustration.

What is Art? There are many definitions in the world that can describe Art but in fact, there is no definition in the world that can truly describe Art.Because Art is very vast, it cannot be described in just a few word. W can find Art everywhere from paintings to architecture, from rivers to mountains, from fire to water and from life to death. You can only see Art if you truly want to see it. Anyhow, I would like to say one thing that everyone is creative and everyone have Artistic mind but do you use it properly?

“Every Child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Art is not just some paintings that looks beautiful and that you can hang on your walls, but it is the voice of the person who have made it. A person’s life struggle and problems can easily be understood by their Artwork.

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of Arts to see your soul.” (George Bernard Shaw)

What I really want to say is take inspiration from your Life and turn this inspiration into your own Master Piece using you creative skills and some imagination. Never think that you are not good at arts because everyone is a beginner at first.


Fashion Illustration / Sketch:



Let’s move on the next part which is Fashion Illustration. Also, do check these articles which have beautiful watercolour paintings. You can get some inspirations from them and use their designs in your fashion illustration. Such as Spring Flowers , Lake Painting and Spring Florals in Watercolors


  1. Let’s start by gathering the materials.
    • Pencils
    • Eraser
    • Sharpeners
    • Sketch Book
    • Water Colors
    • Markers
    • Pencil Colors
    • Gel Pens (Optional)
    • Brush


2) First of all, start making the sketch of the illustration.




3) Once we are done with the outline of the fashion sketch/illustration, we will start colouring it with watercolors. Let’s start with skin colour. We will do the model’s hands, face, legs.



4) After doing the skin, we will start with hairs. The colour used in this sketch is orange, but you can use you imagination.

snip 4


5) Now, it is finally time to start with our outfit. We are going to begin it by colouring the flowers pink.

snip 5


6) We are also filling some red colour in the flowers.

snip 6


7) Also, some purple coloured flowers. The more colours there are the more beautiful this outfit will look. But you can keep it simple.

snip 7


8) Now, we are going to use a lighter shade of pink, than black, and then some yellow. And we will blend them. Also, we have painted some lines black.


9) We are painting the rest of the lines black, till now.

snap 3


10) Just keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be the way we are doing in the tutorials. Get inspired by the tutorial, and use your own imagination to create an artwork. Anyhow, we are now using yellow colour for some shading purpose.

snap 4


11) We are also using pink and orange colours for the shading purpose.

snap 5


12) Don’t forget to add details in the flowers which we have previously made.

snap 6


13) It is finally time to do our model’s face. We will start with eyes than go for a blush and at last the lip colour.

snap 7


14) I guess we have forgotten to add details in the skin colour too. Let’s start with the neck part and add some shade to it.

snap 8


15) Let’s move the skin shading to the hands and legs.


16) We are going to colour the shoes now, it’s going to be orange.

snip 2


17)  We are again going for the model, this time, we are going to add details to her hairs.


18) We are using a pencil to add details to her kinky hairs.

snip 3


19) We will be using different coloured pencils to show that her hairs are very curly.

snip 6


20) After adding details with the pencils, we are going back to our brush. We are going to use brown colour to add shade and blend it with the pencil colours.

snip 7


21) Now we are going to add details with pencils on hands, neck and legs.


22) There is no need for another step. We are Done!





snap 10000


Well,  the picture is a bit blurry. Sorry for that. But you can see it’s full video on:






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