How To Apply Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup is the very most important part when you are going to attend a casual or maybe a formal function such as a charity party, everyday style (Makeup Tutorial: Everyday Makeup.), club party,  a wedding function, business meeting, birthday or anniversary party etc. For all those events & other festivals you need to do a perfect makeover, also you always need a perfect makeover who I am kidding. In make up the eye shades part have great importance. Your eye makeup should never be so boring or dull or maybe grandma’s style. Similarly, it should not be so bold or maybe so vibrant that you will feel alienatic. A person should always go for an elegant and stunning look if you want to achieve a perfect look.Today, we are going to show that “how you can apply eye makeup perfectly & flawlessly”, it is way too, easy even a kid can do it. I am going to share a simple step by step eye makeup basic which you can use for any eye makeup style.



Let’s get started!


1)    The first thing you have to is to clean your face by using a good cleanser or some face mask such as 7 Natural Beautiful Face Remedies.



2)    If you have acne problem you can get rid of it by DIY | Face Mask for Acne or 10 Acne Free Skin Remedies.


3)    Remove the dead skin cells from your face by using some scrub, it can be your normal scrub or maybe you can try BERRIES AND CREAM FACE SCRUB.


4)    You can apply moisturiser in order to moisturise your skin after cleaning your face thoroughly.


5)    The thing you will require to complete you eye makeup are concealer, eye base or primer, some brushes, eye shadow kit or palette, liquid eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil (maybe), eye pencils etc. As, for a whole look, you can get some blush on and lip colours.


6)    The very first thing you need to apply is concealer/foundation. This will help you even your uneven skin.


7)    Then apply eye primer/base on eyes and around dark circles. Make this area even, you can use a sponge too for making your skin smooth.


8)    Now, it’s the time to apply eye shades. You can apply eye shades into different shapes & styles. You can get any look by just experimenting with your eye makeup. From pretty little girl to a goth punk, also a hot girl to an elegant lady. Anything can be achieved by just changing your makeup


9)    Keep in mind that always well blend eye makeup looks very nice & graceful. So, blend the eye shades very carefully & flawlessly. It should not look like you just have put all the eye shade pallets on the eye, The colours own identity should not be shown, they should be well blended with other colours and our own skin. You can see the picture


10)    Remember you have to remove the extra eye shadow by using a brush.
11)    Apply eyeliner. You can go with cat style, Indian style single wing, double wing & other styles of eyeliner that looks nice on your face & eyes.Try this tutorial How to Wing It .
12)    Mascara makes your eyelashes look thick, long and obviously beautiful. So, don’t forget to use it. You can try to use baby powder to keep the lashes separated. Check this tutorial Easy eye-opening trick.
13)    Apply eyebrow pencil on your eyebrows by following the perfect shape.Keep in mind that black eyebrow will not look nice with blonde hairs. So, always match your eyebrows colour with your hairs. Check this tutorial An Eyebrow Tutorial.




Some Tutorials:


Well, I would like to share some articles who gave amazing makeup tutorial which you can get inspired from. I hope you do like them.



  2. 5 Simple eye makeup looks for a summer party
  4. Full Face Subtle Glam Makeup Look
  5. My Birthday Burnt Orange Eye Look





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