How To: Plump Lips & Ombre Lip Tutorial

Today we are going to discuss Plumed Lips and Ombre Lips. This post is especially for teens who want to plump their lips at home, also this trick is temporary and I have tried it myself. Also, we are giving a tutorial for Ombre Lips. I hope you like it.


Let’s Get Started!


First of all, I would like to share an article with the readers.You should read this What’s on my face?. You must be asking me a question why I am linking some articles. It is because those articles contains some stuff which is related to this article (which you are currently reading). Secondly, they might help you solve your simple problems. So it is my humble request check the links which you like.




Plump Lips:


As a teenager, you really want to get your lips plumped or buy a lip plumping lip colour. But you mom won’t allow it, so what will you do? You have to figure something out on your own. Well, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. We are here to help you out. Also, you must be thinking how to apply a longlasting lip colour, so check Pro Tips for Long Lasting Lip Color


  1. Take some toothpaste on your toothbrush.
  2. Start using it on your lips.
  3. The movement should be in a circular motion.
  4. Keep dong this for 3-5 minutes only.
  5. Wash off the toothpaste.


This is really good for plumping your lips at home in just a few minutes. This not only plumps your lips temporary but it exfoliates your lips and gives you a pink colour (HOW TO GET RUBY RED LIPS).Also, check this if you have dark lips and want to get rid of them How To: Lighten Dark Lips


Ombre Lips:


We all want to follow the fashion but sometimes we follow our heart rather than the fashion. Fashion changes daily, today red color is highly in fashion and tomorrow it won’t. Similarly, sometimes Ombre lips, Matte LipColor, Glossy lipColor, or Lollypop Lips are highly in fashion and tomorrow it won’t. So, I suggest following your heart, not the fashion. Because you have you own style.



“Fashion fades, Style is eternal.”

  1. After plumping your lips we start moisturising the lips.
  2. Use a good lip balm or Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline Lip Therapy).
  3. Apply it on your lips smoothly.
  4. Now, apply the face powder since after application of Lip Color you won’t be able to apply it. (Leave this point if you are not going to wear face powder)
  5. Use Dark coloured Lip Pencil to make the outline of your lips. This is the very most important part. so, this outline better be fine.
  6. Use the same Lip Pencil Color and apply on the edge of lips outline. Creating a dark and light area.
  7. Blend it with a brush or cotton buds.
  8. Now, apply a light coloured Lip Color in the inner side of lips.
  9. Blend it well.
  10. Use Lip pencil again, to make the Lips Outline finer.
  11. Keep blending the light and dark coloured area because they will look very bad if you don’t blend them well.




Pictures for your Inspiration:






Pretty in Pink and Orange Ombre Lips.








Bold and Hot Vampire Red Ombre Lips. (Some Lip Colors you might want to check )






Punk Glitter Purple Ombre Lips





I hope you have liked our Post. please do give us your feedback, and feel free to ask any question





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