How To: Natural Beauty Bath (5 Baths)

Every Girl/Women should spend a little time each day over her body. It is not because you should look beautiful, but it is because you have to see yourself beautiful. Also, spending some time on yourself helps you to relax and it is the best way to ignore the daily stress and tension, which maybe because of studies, office etc.So, the easiest and the least time-consuming way is to go for a Beauty Bath. You should take out some of your time daily or maybe weekly for your Beauty Bath.This may hardly take 30-60 minutes. But it is worth it. Let’s see some Natural Beauty Baths!

First of all, let me clearly state one thing some people are allergic to something. So if you feel itchiness or redness stop using it. You can also give your face sometimes too, and if you have acne check this out Skin care: Acne. Also, if you don’t want to go for Herbal things and want some help figuring out what should be your Skin Care routine, you can get some help from The SkinCare Routine



5 Amazing Baths:


Milk Bath:

Well, the name says it all. But it could be possible that you may have got my point wrong. What this Milk bath means is to add some powdered milk to the bath water.


Soft-Water Bath:

Do you remember the days when we were kids and would freely take a shower in Rain without any hesitation? Dancing in the rain was our fantasy and we all cherished it. But as we grow older the freedom of doing so reduces. We worried if we may wet our hairs or maybe our new clothes.

So my point is that the Rain Water is the purest form of Soft Water and is very good for skin. You can just take a shower in rain Water (If available). If it is not available, then, in this case, add some Sodium Sesqui Carbonate


Oatmeal or Bran Bath:

Oatmeal and bran are very good for skin and relaxation. they contain oils and vegetable hormones which soothe and soften your skin.

Simply, add some (1-3 tsp) Oatmeal or Bran in your bath.


Honey Bath:

Honey Bath not only relieves your from daily tiredness and sleepiness, but it will also leave your skin smooth, soft and beautiful.

Just add a spoonful of honey in your Bath.


Herb Bath:

Lavender, Rose, Calendula, Chamomile or Rosemary are very good herbs which can be used in your Natural Beauty Bath. They can be used either separately or you can make their mixture.



This is not the end of Natural Beauty Baths. but we will post few more Natural beauty baths, but they make take lots of your time. but your beauty needs attention. So, stay close and subscribe to us.


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