How to Make: A Special Body Massage / Scrub / Mask

This article is about a very marvellous and miraculous body massage / scrub / mask, which will make you more beautiful in other words it will enhance your beauty.

Everyone wants to looks beautiful but most of the girl think that they are not beautiful. I believe they are wrong, you know why? it is mainly because the pollution and dust hide their beauty and only a 100% Herbal Body massage / scrub / mask can dust it off (which is discussed in this article). Everyone is beautiful, you just need to maintain your beauty, that’s it!

This is a very special massage/mask/body scrub recipe which has come from a very good Herbalist. The Herbalist consider it to work like a miracle. Indeed, it does, because it contains so many amazing Natural Things.
The Herbalist recommends that this  can be used by anyone a Teenager to a Women. This can only be used on a very special occasion like Weddings, Special Party, Graduation Ceremony or Prom maybe. Start using this before 10 Days of your Event and you will be shining as Bright as a Star at Night on your Special (Whatever it is).



Special Body  Massage / Scrub / Mask:

You can use it as massage / scrub / mask, whatever suits you.

Things You need:

  1. 1 tablespoon dried, ground and sieved orange peel,
  2. 1 tablespoon dried, ground and sieved lemon peel,
  3. 2 tablespoons ground almond
  4. A pinch of Salt,
  5. 4 tablespoons wheat germ flour,
  6. 1 tablespoons ground thyme,
  7. A pinch of ground allspice,
  8. Almond oil (enough to make a paste) ,
  9. A few drops of Jasmine Oil to Perfume,
  10. RoseWater few drops.


How to Make:


First of all, start by picking up a bowl and a spoon. Mix lemon and orange peels thoroughly. Now add, ground almonds and salt, wheat germ flour, thyme and mix them well. Once your are done mixing them add allspice in it. Mix it well. Now it is time to make it’s paste, and in order to do that, we have to add Almond Oil, add it slowly so there won’t be not clots. Keep adding Almond Oil until you achieve a thick paste. At the end add RoseWater in it.


How To use:

It is very easy to use.

  • For Massage: Just apply this and massage it on your body (Including Face, neck leg etc)
  • For Scrub: Just Apply it on your body and scrub it.
  • For Mask: Simply apply it on your body, let it sit for some time and then rinse off.


You can let is sit for at least 20-40 minutes and then wash off as usual.



Some Amazing Body Masks / Scrubs / Massages:


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  3. Beauty trials: Coconut oil & turmeric face mask
  4. DIY face&body coffee scrub



I hope you have liked our post, do try this and let us know!

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