6 Tips/remedies for Beautiful Lips (UPDATED)

Lips are the most important and the most beautiful facial feature. The perfect beauty of a person comes from their lips, and having dark, dull or pale lips will destroy their natural beauty. Beautiful Lips make us look more attractive. Ever noticed why RED Lip Color makes you look bold or PINK Lip Color makes you look sweet and innocent. Because the Lip Colour and your Lips describe you.

 Most people have naturally pink or red lips, and some people have dark and pale lips. If you want to get back your pinkish baby lips, check out the following homemade Herbal Tips and Remedies.

For Perfect Pink Lips:-


1) • If you want soft and baby lips, make sure that you exfoliate your lips at least once a week. First, soak your finger in water, then dip in sugar and exfoliate your lips by rubbing sugar on them in a circular motion gently. Wipe the sugar off the lips and then apply a lip balm or you can use olive oil or maybe coconut oil.


2) •Apply lip balm or some oil such as olive oil at night before sleeping and leave overnight or about 8 hours. Wake up with soft pink lips. Avoid using chemical lip balms, always use the lip balms with natural ingredients because there are no chemical ingredients which are better than Organic/Herbal/Natural ingredients.
3) •Use a soft brush with a bit of toothpaste and use circular motions to get rid of dry skin and give a plumping effect ( in other words, perfect Duck Lips for a Perfect Duck Face Selfie or maybe Fish Gape Lips?). This help gets rid of the dead skin and makes the lips look soft and a pinkish.
4) •Use a balm with a pink tint (Like Maybelline Cherry Lip Balm)and leave overnight to tint the lips a bit giving you pink lips, a simple way. Also, you can make your own organic tinted lip balm with carrot or beetroot and coconut oil. If you don’t know how to make it, we will make a detailed post about it. Don’t worry because we are here for you.
5) •Drink plenty of water and take juices that have a good amount of vitamin C as dehydration can also be the cause of cracked lips. Water or juices hydrate the body and nourishes your skin and helps cell growth. Dry lips are also one of the signs that your body is saying that I NEED WATER.


6) •Use honey as a natural alternative to lip balms. It moisturises leaving beautiful lips and helps in giving a nice shine on the lips. You can also mix

  • 1 tbsp of honey,
  • two tbsp of sugar,
  • one tbsp of olive oil

Mix honey, sugar and olive oil. Then start rubbing this mixture on your lips. Leave for some time and then rinse off with water.


Everyone have naturally beautiful lips, but what matter is that how much we take care of them. Because we all are Perfect and Beautiful, because God doesn’t make mistakes. Hope you like our post. 


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