How To/DIY: Soft Summer Nude and Pink Makeup Tutorial + Video


Today we are going to share an amazing Tutorial. This tutorial is about enhancing your beauty for Summer. This Makeup Tutorial is for Summer, and you can use it with any outfit. It got a bit of Pink Colour, but it is mostly nude so you will look nice in this makeup. This makeup will look nice on everyone including teen girls.

This Makeup Tutorial is by Fictionally Flawless. I believe she is an amazing MakeUp Artist. You should check her Tutorials. Her Youtube Channel is Fictionally Flawless.



MakeUp Tutorial:

1). Let’s start by a thorough face scrubbing and cleansing.

2) Once our face is ready, we start applying makeup. The first cosmetic will be a concealer for dark circles and dark areas (such as lips, eyebrows etc).

snip 1

3) As the person in the tutorial have dark lips area. She si applying concealer there too.

snip 2

4) Once we are done with the concealer, we will use a light base/foundation to cover up the face. We use it so we can give ourselves a blank canvas to work on. If you are not willing to use a foundation/base you should try vaseline fairness lotion (the pink one in short) or maybe any lotion.

5) Apply the foundation/base evenly on the face. Blend it well.

snip 3

6) Next step will be contouring if you want to. We are using a yellowish contouring colour for dark circles are and nose area.

7) We are going to use a greyish undertone contouring colour. It is going to be used in the hollows of cheeks (Under the cheekbone area).

8) This is time to use a bit brownish contouring colour. We will use it as a blush and blend it well with the greyish colour.

9) We are going back to that greyish colour, we will use it on the sides on the nose.

10) Let’s move on to the Face Blush part.  The blush colour we are using in the tutorial is Light pink.

snip 11

11) Now, we are going towards the Eyebrows part. Make sure that you Eyebrows colour matches your hair colour. It will look so weird if you make your Eyebrows colour darker if you have blonde hairs.

snip 12

12) It’s time to move to the Eyemakeup part. We are going to start by using Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 colour Foxy. You can use another brand Eyeshade, similar to this colour. We are going to use it underneath the eyebrows.

snip 13

13) Next thing we are going to do is use the 3rd colour named Bootycall. We will use in the inner corner of eyes.

14) We are using Tease the matte brown colour for the crease.

15) We are going to use Foxy colour again, we will just put it on the lids of our eyes.

snip 16

16) Enough of the nude colours. We are going to Pink Tones now. Just put some pink Eyeshade on the foxy colour.

snip 17

17) Blend all the eyeshades well.

18) Now, we are going to apply Eyeliner. Just put it regularly you do. I mostly use Eye Liner from Loreal, here is a review if you wnat to see.(This is an amazing Rainbow EyeLiner. It is not related to the tutorial, I had to share it, but you should check it out)

snip 18

19) Apply some Mascara. It should be black and bold.

snip 19

20) It’s time for the lips. Apply a good lip balm. We are using a Lip Liner from NYX called Nude Beige.

snip 20

21) Next is NYX Cosmetic Soft matte Lip Cream (it’s pinkish in colour), apply it gently and blend it.

snip 21

22) You can apply Fake Eyelashes if you like, but I really prefer being natural.


Final Look:


If you are looking for the link to vide. Here you go: Link to video.


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I hope you have like our post. Please do give us your feedback.


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