7 Natural Beautiful Face Remedies (UPDATED)


Every person in the world wants to be Naturally Beautiful, in other words, simplicity with a style. This is mainly because they don’t want to put Makeup on their faces to hide their face. A naturally beautiful face can easily be achieved by using natural things without the harsh chemicals, which are so bad for skin. So, today we are going to share with you some natural beauty enhancing treatments.

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity.”


Your kitchen provides the world’s Perfect Home Remedies (Trust me that’s true). You can find any problems solution (By solution I mean remedies/masks. Not a math problem solution) in your kitchen from hairs to toenails. So, keep discovering and experimenting  new treatments in your Kitchen!

We all want a naturally Perfect Skin, whether we accept it or not. Here are few herbal methods to make your skin glowing, healthy and perfect without using any chemicals or makeup products. Let’s stay beautiful with natural things. Avoid chemicals and pigments and other unnatural stuff, which are bad for the skin.

“Happiness is having natural beauty.”

Today we are going to share amazing face masks made naturally.


1) Grapes:

Grapes (Check this post on Grape Seed Oil and Spotlight On: Essential Oils) are great herbal beauty tips for glowing skin because they add a nice shine to our skin. We take a few fresh grapes and rub gently on our face. Alternately, you can mash them and use on the face, you can also mash it and add rose water in it making a thick paste, so it stays on. Wash off with water and use Rosewater.


2) Cucumber and rose water:

Mix Cucumber’s juice rose water and glycerin. Apply it all over the face before going outdoor. Make sure you re-apply (after washing your face) it when you come back home. It gives a great shine to the face, also  preventing your skin from sunburn.


3) Milk and Lime Juice:

Add a pinch of salt and some lime juice in milk. Its a great remedy to cleanse the pores and make skin healthy. Wash it later and massage Rosewater.


4) Carrot Juice:

Apply fresh carrot juice on the face directly. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes. This fruit mask is Perfect to get a nice glow on the face. It works like a Miracle

Another tip not related to the topic, applying carrot juice on hairs, this will give your hairs a natural dye.


5) Honey and Cinnamon:

Take 3 teaspoons honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply all over pimples/acne and leave overnight. This is a great way to reduce scars and it also bring shine to the skin.


6) Gram Flour and Lemon Juice:

Mix Gram flour and lemon juice together, you can also add few drops of Rose Water and some Honey. Make a thick paste and apply to face for 15-30 minutes. It can be applied daily.


7) Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Lemon:

Check our Cucumber Face Mask post, for a great face mask, it is used as an anti-aging face mask.



Always remember one thing that uses Rose Water after washing you face or skin. Because Rose water is very beneficial for skin.

I love this;

“Words do not define beauty.

People do not define beauty.

Looks do not define beauty.

You define beauty.

In your depth,

In your speech,

In your mind.

You define beauty

with your beautiful mind

and lovely your


Also, check this Summertime Skincare Tips!So, will you try these? I hope you try these and may they prove beneficial for yourself. What is your opinion about our Post?



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