Soft Pink Summer Look Tutorial / How To


flThis Makeup tutorial is perfect for Summer. It is simple and easy, yet elegant. You can even wear this Makeup anywhere. This makeup is perfect for prom, office part or maybe a special event and the best one is Friends Party! This Pink Summer Look is not even heavy (and by heavy I mean vibrant, just Perfectly PINK). If you are a teenager, it’s great for you too. Anyhow, let’s move on!

This tutorial is made by Megan Hulse.I believe she is an amazing Artist and a beautiful one too. Don’t forget to check her out at her youtube channel MOSTLY MEGAN

Also check this out Summer Beauty Favs!.



Makeup Tutorial:


1) Let’s start by gathering the makeup and stuff, also clean your face.

2) We are going to set up the face first with foundation and face powder (Of course). We are using:

  • Nivea Balm,
  • Revlon Colour Stay Foundation,
  • Collection Concealer,
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte,
  • Nivea Lip Balm.

You can skip this part, and continue to the next step. But you can apply a simple lotion or maybe a BB/CC Cream and a concealer (If you like). Also, check this I’s all about Concealers



3) First of all, pick up you contouring kit. The Contouring we are using is Sleek Light Contour.Contour your face (your neck if you want to), we have contoured our cheek bone, nose, chin and forehead.


4) This is the EYE’s part now, we are using in this tutorial is Revolution Blush Sugar and Spice Kit (or whatever you can call it).We have chosen a colour (you can see it in the picture) and are making the crease of the eyes. You can use any colour that matches it.


5) We are using Maybelline Colour Tatto Pink Gold, it is going to be used on Eye’s lids. Apply it gently (you can use any product that has a resemblance to its shade) and blend it with a brush.


6) Back to Revolution Blush Sugar and Spice Colour Kit, the colour is shown in the picture. We are going to apply it with a small brush, and just put it under your eyes. Take it from the outer corner of the eye to the halfway to inner corner (In simple word keep it in between).


7) Now, we are going to use a highlighter, it is Sleek Hemisphere Highlighter in the tutorial. The colours of this palette/kit are so nice, gives a very nice look. We are going to apply the Sleek Hemisphere Colour in the teardrop part of our eyes.


8) It’s Mascara Time! We are using L’oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara, you can use any. Just apply it carefully and nicely. Because Mascara is the last finish.

snip 13


9) We are going for the Blush now. We are using Revolution Blush Golden and Sugar, you can see the colour in the picture. You can replace it with whatever you have, but it should matches with colour if you want the same look.


10) Aren’t we are forgetting something? Indeed we are, Lips! We are using New Look Lip Liner (the colour is beige or dark brown sort of), apply it all over your lips. Like a lip colour.Don’t forget to make the shape of the Lips, you do know that Lips are the most important facial feature.


11) Apply Rimmel Stay Matte Powder on the lips, so your lips stay matte (if you want a matte look, no pressure).

snip 18


12) Apply an eyeliner if you want, but there is no EyeLiner in the tutorial.


Final Look:



Hope you have liked it. Link to the video: Pink Summer – Makeup Tutorial 🌸



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