Advantages and Disadvantages of Pokemon Go on Health and Beauty

First of all, I humbly apologise for not posting. I was busy with my religious event (Eid) and I went on  a family trip. Therefore, I was not able to update my blog. Today I am going with the trend that is “Pokemon Go”.

I am pretty sure that you all have heard of Pokemon Go Game or maybe just the name Pokemon. If you are a 90’s kid then I am quite sure that you know Pokemon. All those cute, furious, horrifying and of course adorable Pokemon, like Pikachu if you name one. It is a very popular game, I have heard somewhere that it have beaten Candy crush Saga. This game is a combination of GPS, augmented reality (A.R), and superbly amazing graphics. Thanks to Nintendo and Niantic Labs for this amazing game.

You must be confusing why I am writing this article, and how it matches my blog’s theme. We don’t have a Tech Section but we do have a healthy lifestyle and beauty section (You must be getting my point now or maybe not). Let me explain my point, I may have messed up your mind. Ok, what I am trying to explain is that in Pokemon Go you have to go outside to play and have some progress in the game, it is an outdoor game (Outdoor=Sun=Suburn/Tan). Parents are so happy that finally their Kids are going outside to do something rather than just stay in the house and play Xbox or PlayStation video games, cell phones, social network etc. We are going to discuss advantages and disadvantages of Pokemon Go:-




  • One of the most important advantages of Pokemon Go is that it gets your out of your door, it gets you back to your childhood when you were free and careless and full of hope. But now we are some idiots who are full of tension and maybe stressed out about school, college or job and life of course.
  • The second advantage is you breathe fresh and open air, you can make new friends and be a more gaming social person. If you go early in the morning you will get Vitamin D, which helps absorbs Calcium. Plants make Oxygen, and you need it trust me.
  • You have a new entertainment and an amazing mission to your life (But don’t take it too seriously because some people have quit their job to pay full attention to the game).
  • Another good point is that you get smart. If you take me as an example I don’t like to get outside in this Hot Summer but it gets me outside and keeps me smart (I become so healthy in Summer because I am too lazy to go outdoor in this Hot n Humid Time) during Summer Season.
  • If you walk, in other words, Hunt Pokemon you needs to stay hydrated and you drink plenty of water. This way you achieve your daily water goal. Also, most likely some of your body problems will get solved by just walking (I know someone who has walked 13 KM, can you imagine this).
  • This game is perfect if you are not into Speedy and High Reflexive Game like Candy Crush Saga or Temple Run. It is not much strategical like FarmVille or Virtual Town Based Games.




  • One of the worst disadvantages of Pokemon Go is that you get Sunburn or maybe get Tanned. So, do get a Sunscreen or Sunblock with yourself. You can even make one yourself if you don’t know how to make one wait for our next post.
  • You will get so thirsty and if you have LBS (Low Blood Sugar) problem you may need to get a water bottle and some sweet things with yourself. In other words, you need to carry a backpack.
  • Your mobile battery will go down so fast just like your mobile data. So, take an extra power bank, charging cable and maybe WiFi if you want to (That’s what I do).
  • If you live in a Hot and Humid area (like mine) you will face many problems, for example, excessive sweating, dehydration, dizziness or catch a fever. So, keep in mind that you need plenty of water and healthy food to keep you moving.
  • Most people say that you get more social, but in my opinion, you are not becoming more social. You are just going outside to play a Virtual-Real World mixed game. You may make new friends, but you will be so absorbed in the game that you may or may not talk to them a lot.
  • If you don’t walk or jog a lot, your legs will hurt a lot (Trust me they do hurt a lot). Use hot Olive Oil and massage it on your feets. Also, if you don’t want to do a Hot Oil Massage you can try Sodium BiCarbonate Feet Bath. Take a Tub/Large Bowl, pour some lukewarm water and add 2-3 tbsp of Sodium Bicarbonate in it and place your feet in it. Leave them in for 20-40 minutes in the water. You will feel so relaxed and all your tiredness will wear off.
  • It can make yo so absorbed in it that you may forget your environment, and you could get in an accident or maybe a problem. While your concentration is distracted you can get in NO-GO Zone or burglary/snatching etc. So, stay aware of your surroundings.
  • It can bore a person who really wants a speedy and reflexive games, like temple run. It is more like a strategy based game.
  • Due to Sun, pollution, wind and humidity, your hairs can get in trouble. By trouble I mean they can get damaged, rough and more. So, when going on Poke-Hunt tie up your hairs and get a Hot Olive Oil  Massage when you get back.



I am so sorry for not adding links because of my slow internet connection. I hope that you have liked our post. Please do take care of yourself when going on Pokemon Hunt, also stay free of trouble and have lots of Fun because Pokemon Go is your first step to explore the Pokemon World.


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