How to make Organic/Herbal Shampoo at home in just a few minutes?

This article is about Shampooing, which is the directly related to Hairs. Hairs are the Girl’s best friend, they take care of their hairs and style them. We do Curling, Straightening and Dye our Hairs (For sure). But styling hairs costs more than a Diamond Necklace, and by cost I mean FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. I am saying this because our hairs get damaged, hair fall, dandruff and many other problems, which really gives us Girls minor Heart Attacks so styling hair costs more than a Diamond Necklace. After styling our Hairs we go for oiling or straight to Shampoo, now the question arises what kind of shampoo should we use and how often should we shampoo? Well, the answer to these questions lie just a few paragraphs down.

After a long and rough day, we get a shower and most important part of our shower is cleaning our hairs. We have to get rid of dirt and all the other stuff that is accumulated on the scalp. We usually shampoo our hairs to get rid of those things, mostly twice I guess. Well, we all know what shampoo meand and what does it do? So, I am not going to describe it, because no one from Ancient Times is reading this article. I do recommend not to wash your hairs daily because washing hairs can damage the hairs. The question comes now is how often should we shampoo our hairs:


  • Normal Hairs 5-6 Days
  • Rough Hairs 3-4 Days
  • Oily Hairs 2-4 Days


Always remember one thing. Use a good quality shampoo and from a very good brand. I do recommend use shampoo that is made from Organic stuff and does not contain any chemical. But, we are never sure if a company is selling Organic Shampoo. So, how about we make our own Shampoos? Let’s get started!


Home-Made Shampoos:




1: Panama Wood Shampoo


Take some water and boil 50 GMS of Panama Wood. Let this infuse for an hour. Strain the liquid and use. This is perfect for Normal and Oily Hairs.



2: Egg Shampoo:


The egg is the oldest and is used in many beauty and health products, including shampoos. Beat 2 Egg Yolks in 1 Cup of Hot Water. Soak you scalp and hairs in the eggs yolk. Keep this on for 1 Hour and then rinse with Warm Water. I do agree that this is very smelly, it is so hard to bear that awful smell.



3: Herb (Olives and Shikakai) Shampoo:


Wash 200 Grams of Olives and Shikakai beans cold water and then soak them overnight in a pot. In the morning boil them for some moment (10-20 minutes) and strain them. Now, liquidise the paste that you have left and use this paste to wash your hairs. This shampoo will make your hairs so soft and shiny that you will be surprised if they really are yours.


4: Tonic/Herbal Shampoo:


Take Reetha, Amla and Shikakai (each 100-150 Grams). Add them in 1 Litre of Water. Keep it for 24 Hours, then boil them and let it cool down. Strain this mixture and use it as a shampoo. This will not only make your hairs beautiful but this wall also prevents breakage. This is perfect for all type of Hairs.



5: Black lentil Shampoo:

This is a shampoo that is going in generations in my family. But I don’t use it anymore because it is quite difficult to make it and I am a bit lazy to do this. But my sister has done this for a whole year and her hairs are so beautiful, just like fairytales. It is difficult to find the ingredients name in English, I have tried my best for this one. It is called Kaale mash (Vigna Mungo)  here, it is lentil that is black.

First of all, take a bowl and add water in it now add this lentil/beans in it for overnight or at least 8 hours. Now, this will have a covering/shell (They will be white when your remove the shell/covering) remove them. Now make this beans/lentil paste by crushing/grinding them. This will be a paste sort of, apply this on your hairs for 20-40 minutes and rinse off. This is perfect for shine, silky and black hairs (Means no white hairs, it won’t make a blonde hair black). It also helps in regrowth of hairs and prevents you from getting bald.



I hope that you try these Shampoos. When I am lazy I have to use those chemical shampoos (I won’t name the brand because that would be defaming the brand) and they really make my hairs like Harry potter Flying Broom. So, what is your opinion about Shampoos?


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