Pokemon Go MakeUp, Clothing and Hairstyle

We all know what Pokemon Go is, for the people who don’t know what it is, it’s THE MOST TRENDING GAME of the world. You have to go outside o play this game. Almost everyone in this world is playing this game. If you haven’t tried this you should give it  a try. Anyhow, we are going to discuss Makeup and Hairstyle for this game. So let’s get started!

This is not just a fan game for Pokemon Lovers, this game is perfect for everyone and of every age. You get to stay outside all day without getting bored and meet new people with same interests.Pokemon Go has also become a University course, the students have to play Pokemon Go and develop some skill such as leadership skills, management, strategy, the teamwork of course. You also get fresh air and beautiful rays of the Sun (That have Vitamin D for us that helps absorbs Calcium in our body). Anyhow, we are not going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Pokemon Go, we are here to discuss the hairstyle and makeup trend, mostly need not trend. If you want to check the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pokemon Go (See This).

You have a date or maybe friends get together on Pokemon Hunt and you have no idea what you should wear, or what hairstyle or maybe what type of makeup. You have just come to the right place.






If you have some cool jeans, shorts and tops go for them. Try to wear very dark colour such as black, maroon, brown etc. It is mainly because you are going outside and if you wear light colours (like pink, pastel purple or light green) you will end up getting them dirty, and that is not a good thing. The benefit of wearing dark colour is that you can go anywhere without thinking about your outfit and if you want to sit on a dusty bench you are free to do so. Try not to wear a dress or skirt because you might feel uneasy.

Also, don’t even think about wearing heels because Pokemon Go means you have to walk so many kilometres to achieve something good in the game, and if by mistake you wear heels or wedges you will end up with blisters. So, wear sneakers or pumps that are easy to walk in.




First of all, If the Pokemouth Makeup is the first thing that comes in your mind I am not talking about it. You can’t go out with a date or friends outing looking like this:

Yeah, they are pretty cool but they will look bad when going out and you have to visit different types of places and all over the city.

You can try your Every day Makeup Routine (Check This article, if you don’t have any). We all know that the first step of makeup is base/foundation, so wear one if you want to or use sunscreen/sunblock because you might get a Sunburn. Remember one thing that your base/foundation is UV Protected and is Anti-Humidity because you will have lots of sweating.

Don’t wear any makeup that is not waterproof and smudge proof. Because you are very unpredictable when going playing Pokemon Go. You can try some Face Powder and some Blush-On.

Also, you can try some EyeLiner (Eyeliner tutorials) or Kajal/Kohl (I use Maybelline 12 Hours SmudgeProof Kahal/Kohl. Here is a review on it ) and Mascara (These 2 articles are for you if you need help with Mascaras Number 1  and  Number 2) to get some edgy look. But make sure that your makeup doesn’t look like that you have makeup, it should be natural. I hope you got my point.You don’t want to put some shimmer and glitter on because that would make your look a bit Formal and you are trying to get the Casual Look.

The LipColour should be in the lighter shades, not the Bold Red Colour (Perfect Application of the Bold Red Colour). You must be thinking why is that so, well I personally prefer the light colours when achieving the Casual Look but everyone have their own style and choice, so try what you like. I am not forcing anyone to use the light colours, it is just my opinion.





As for the Hairstyle choice, it merely depends on the weather. If the weather is hot go for Buns and Ponytails, if it is normal you can try a braid or open your hairs but this costs a lot. You must be thinking what the cost is, well the cost is that your hairs get damaged because of pollution, the wind, dust etc. You will have to spend lots of time and money on your hairs then.You will have to do oiling, hair masks and conditionings etc. So, this will be a big problem for you.


I personally recommend that you should go for a Bun (Check this tutorial out) or a Braid. You can try french Braid or the traditional one-sided braid. This will not only make yourself stylish but this will help your hairs from getting damaged. This is a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal. Another point for One-Sided Braid is that if you are a fan of Hunger Games and of course the Katniss Everdeen then  guess it’s perfect for you.

Messy Bun is also a perfect  hairstyle for Pokemon Go, it is 100% comfortable and there will be not a single hair on the neck (The most irritating thing ever). So, it is perfect for you. Also, if you natural hairs or kinky hairs try this tutorial (Hair Bun Tutorial)

I hope you have liked this post. If you want to share your pictures, makeup or hairstyles with us lease feel free to Contact. We would love to add it on our blog. Thank You.


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