Golden Milk (Turmeric Tea) Benefits + My Experience

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Today I am going to share my personal experience about the ‘Golden Milk’. We will also share the Benefits of the Golden Milk. It is made from Turmeric and some other natural things. Let’s check it out.

First of all, Golden Milk is a milk that has Turmeric as it’s the main ingredient. Therefore, it has a golden more like a yellowish colour. I am calling it Golden Milk because that sounds more MYSTICAL. Anyhow, it has so many benefits so I can’t mention all of them.


My Personal Experience:


Image result for pencil paperTurmeric Tea or Golden Milk is very popular in my country for healing ability. Whenever someone has internal injury or bone problem they make the patient drink this tea made from Turmeric. It’s been known to human kind for centuries I believe.

Anyhow, my experience with Turmeric Tea/Golden was in the late February of this year i.e 2k16. My exams started right after a week or maybe less. The exams were gonna last a whole MONTH (Can you imagine!). If you are guessing that the subjects were only a few. You are guessing it wrong because there were a total of 16 Paper. I was so exhausted because there were Physics, Biology, Chemistry and high-level Maths etc. The number of Papers/Subjects was not the only problem I caught Flu, Sore Throat, Fever, Shoulders and Neck problem. For Once I felt like that I am so screwed. How can I give my Exam with these problems? I had a runny nose, cough,  and dizziness of the fever. Also, it was so hard to practice maths or any other subject when I was having so much pain in my shoulders and neck area. I was like how can I get good grades if I can’t give my 100%, it was so hard to focus.

But luckily my sister had a great idea. As I quote her idea;

“Why don’t you try Trmeric in the Milk? It is very good for tirdness and pain. I also heard somewhere that it is good for Flu too!”

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Her idea really clicked my mind and so I tried it and within few hours I felt so better. It felt so relaxing and my runny nose was gone in no time. Can you Imagine! My exam was in the first week of March and ended in the first week of April, and in those days I worked day and night. I used 1 (One) register every day for the practice and my shoulders, neck and hands were perfect. I am not gonna say that they didn’t hurt at all but after drinking The Golden Milk (Turmeric Tea) I was better actually I was perfect. I didn’t even caught a fever or flu in those days because of whenever I am tired I easily get a fever.

Also, I got my ears pierced again and they got infected. I had tried almost everything but the infection didn’t go away. So, I tried it (Also I used Olive Oil) and trust me the infection went away and my ears are now in a very good position.

Today whenever I am tired or get a sore throat or maybe infections, I always go for Golden Milk because I don’t trust anything more. Turmeric Tea/Golden Milk has become my perfect solution for every problem. Well, almost every problem lol.


Benefits of Turmeric Milk:


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Let’s move on to the Benefits of Golden Milk:

1: It has both Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant properties, therefore it offers many health benefits for us.

2: It helps relieve swelling and pain that is caused by wounds. If you fall down from stairs or a bike/bicycle (and gets a wound or maybe not) it is very good for you.

3: Also, it helps prevent infection because it has anti-bacterial properties. The Turmeric can help in aiding with blood clotting, prevents infections and heals wounds. A whole package I believe.

4: Turmeric Milk is very good for bones. It helps strengthen the bones because of Milk and when it combines with Turmeric it gives additional health benefits for us. It helps in joint pains and the Arthritis too!

5: It is very good for Cough, Cold and Flu. It helps the runny nose and the chest congestion too.

6: We all know that turmeric is used in many Skin Care Products but consuming it as Golden Milk will help you internally. Because this will help your skin internally.

7: It also boosts Immune System, so another good thing for us.

8: Helps reduce in weight loss.

9: It helps in blood purification and liver detoxifier.

10: Turmeric Milk is also very good for digestion.


Note: Remeober one thing not to drink it in a lot of quantity becaause it can be a problem for your body. Therefore, only take it once or twice a week.

We will share the Recipe soon, so stay tuned for teh recie. Also, share your Personal Experience of Golden Milk with us and get it posted on the Blog.

Do you have any Beneficial Herbal Stuff to share with the world? Just Contact us and share it with the world.

I hope you have liked our post.


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