Hairfall/Roughness​ remedy by Homemade Oil

Image result for hair fallToday this topic is about Hairs, and by hairs mean we will discuss  Hair Oil that is made from 4 Things (Just 4 things, easy peasy). Ok, as we all Girls have Hair problems and most of the girls are facing Hairfall (Including me) just use this Hair Oil and you will notice the change in few weeks. Let’s check it out


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First of all, this Hair Oil is perfect for all hair types. Just massage it on your hairs and leave it for few hours, maybe 2 or overnight is the best. Use a shower cap or a towel if you are going to sleep with the oil on the hairs. Anyhow, wash off and you will feel the change.

If you want to have beautiful and easier to manage Hairs (In short your dream hairs), just use this Hair Oil 2-4 times a week. Also, if you want to prevent your Hair printer from running out of ink lol, use this Oil. It is very good and prevents from greying of Hairs.



Hair Oil Preparation:


There are only 4 Ingredients, can you imagine?




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1: Castor Oil:

I would call it a Magic Potion because it is very good for Hair Growth and helps fight the Hairfall problem. It is very good for Split ends, dry scalp, dandruff and is a very good hair conditioner.



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2: Olive Oil:

Olive is not just an amazing and beneficial fruit but its oil is very good for hairs too.It helps hair from Frizziness, gives them shine, helps in dandruff and it makes hairs easier to manage. You can easily comb your hairs if you use Olive Oil.



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3: Almond Oil:

The almonds are very good for hairs, skin and health. If you eat them you will face less Hairfall. Anyhow we are here for its benefit (Summary of benefits actually). Using Almond Oil on hairs helps Strengthen it, it treats Dandruff, repair Split Ends, gives hair Shine and stimulates Hair Growth.



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4: Onion Juice/Water:

First of all,  I will explain what Onion Juice/Water is. Chop some onion and blend it in the blender. Now, strain the Juice/Water and this is called Onion Juice/Water

Now, let’s come to its benefits. It helps prevent hair loss. If you have Hair loss problem from Heredity, it is your salvation (Trust me). It also prevents premature of greying hairs.



How To Make?


  • Take these 4 ingredients in equal quantity. My hairs are short now so I will take 1 Spoon of each ingredient.
  • Mix the Ingredients well.
  • Now apply it on the hairs and massage well. Maybe 10-15 minutes.
  • Leave it on for 2 Hours or overnight (8 Hours).
  • Rinse off with water and shampoo or try  How to make Organic/Herbal Shampoo at home in just a few minutes?.





I know that what I am about to say is not much related to the topic but still it is somehow. Just for a funny thing to say. I went to the Salon for a haircut this week (I guess Wednesday), I ended up with a haircut too short and it doesn’t look good on me. Also, Eid is just 3 days away and I don’t know what to do. But it doesn’t matter because a haircut won’t put me down. Anyhow, the flick/bangs are so short that I can easily make spikes , can  you believe it? So, I am going to apply this Oil and hopefully, my hairs will be fine in less than two weeks. Although the hairs won’t grow in just 2 days but my hairs will be good in less than 2 weeks. I will try to straighten my hairs on Eid, so they will look a bit longer.


I hope you have liked my post. It is very good for all hair types and really conditions your hairs. Always remember one thing that use Organic/Natural things for your hairs, health and beauty. Because nothing is good then the Natural things that God have given us.


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