Fall/Autumn Nail Art Step ByStep Tutorial


First of all, let me state this clearly that this article is about Nail Art which is suitable and perfect for the Autumn. So, you will learn an amazing Nail Art Step by Step Tutorial and some inspiring new ideas for you to try. So, what are we waiting for? Hop on and enjoy this amazing article.

Ok, let’s talk about Autumn and its awesome colours. We all know that Autumn is coming technically it is about Warm and Dark colours. Those beautiful leaves that have fallen out of the trees. So bright and orange, what a pleasant sight!


“Autumn paint in colours that Summer has never seen.”


I just love Autumn, for it is Cold and you can drink Coffe or Hot Cocoa and see the true beauty of Nature.In Summer and Spring only the flowers look beautiful and colourful, but in Autumn/Fall, every leaf is a flower. All the leaves turn in beautiful colors. It feels like Cherry Blossom time but just in Orange colour and almost everyone in the world can enjoy it, apart from people living in Antartica.

Anyhow, we have gone very far from the Nail Art Tutorial. Let’s get back to it.



Step By Step Tutorial:




Ok, so I know my talking (Technically written words) are making you bored. So, I will take you direct to the tutorial to avoid Boredom lol. I hope you like it.


1: Let’s start applying a good base coat. Also, remember my friends use nail polishes of good quality because Nails can get Yellowish, also take care of your nails and hands because they are one of the most important beauty parts.

2: Ok, now start by applying orange coloured Nail Colour that resembles the one in the picture or you can use any you like. Because the Nail Art Tutorials are just for your inspiration and tips n tricks. You gotta do everything yourself and choices are yours.




3: Now apply orangish red coloured Nail polish. You can use the sponge technique. It will give you a nice ombre touch with a well-blended look. We are using Warm Colours because we are talking about Autumn that is all about warm and dark colours.




4: Next colour is Red/Maroon coloured Nail Polish. Apply in the same technique. Make a mind that you want a blended look or you want colours to have a separate identity.




5: The last Colours is Black which will be the last colour for this Nail Art. Use it on the tip of the nail.




6: Let it dry off and start making the main part of the tree, I guess it is called Trunk. From its end/tip you will start making the branches and the leaves etc.






7: Now, make the branches for the tree. As the theme is autumn so the tree will be without leaves  (This tree have a name and I can’t remember it lol).




8: Make few more branches and you can add few leaves if your nails are bigger and you have some space left. It will look very nice. But make sure it won’t look messy.




9: Finish with a Top Coat and you are done!





Ok, so you have seen the final look. I have a suggestion I don’t know is most of you agree with it. As it can take some time to finish one nail. So, I am giving you an awesome and easy idea. Only make this Nail art on one Nail, it can be the Ringer Finger’s Nail and paint the other nails Red, Orange, Maroon or Black or any colour you like. Also, it is difficult to make Nail Art on Right hand if you ar not lefty. So, you can make a Nail Art Sticker and then apply it on your right hand when it is completely dried. Let’s hope you guys like it.


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If you want to add something in this article or in any other article just Contact Us.! I would love to hear and add it to the articles.

Oh and yes if you know who made this Nail Art please tag them or just mail me their name or blog etc. I would love to give them the credit.


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