How To Make/DIY/Tutorial: Nail Art Stickers

This article is about making your very own Homemade Nail Art Stickers. It is very easy and fun to do. You will feel like you are a Nail Art Artist or maybe Picasso. Anyone can do this from a Funky Teenager to an Elegant Lady.

Nail Art is one of the most important element of ourselves which we carry with us when we are going somewhere, apart from our clothes (Of course). Our Nail Art shows our personality whether we are PRETTY IN PINK girl or maybe a GOTH girl. Always remember one thing that

“Your Nails not only reflects you, but they also speak about what type of a person you really are.”

Beautiful and well-groomed nails will impress anyone who sees them. Having a Mani and Pedi was considered to be very luxurious and rich few years ago but now it is very common and you can do it for yourself with just a little bit of efforts (and some time of course). You Nails, hands and feet are worth your time, don’t you think?

Nail Care Articles:


Anyhow, the market is filled with lots of nail Art items such as Nail Art Stickers, Nail Art Glitters, Nail Art Decals, 3D Nail Art, Nail Art Tapes, Nail Art Beads and much more. Everything is in trend these days, it depends on your choice that what you choose for your Nail Art. This article will help you with creating your very own Nail Art Stickers. It is very easy, even a kid can do it so why not you? Let’s get started!



How to Make Nail Art Homemade Stickers:

Things You need:

  • Pencil,
  • Paper,
  • Scissors,
  • NwesPapers,
  • ToothPick,
  • Ball Point,
  • Plastic,
  • Nail Polishes,
  • Glitters,
  • Stones (Optional).


How to:

1) We are going to start by imaging what we want to design. After this draw your creative deisgn on a Paper with a pencil or maybe a pen (You Choice).

2) If you like your creative design then let’s get started with it. If the answer is no, take some inspiration from the internet.

3) Start by preparing you work area by placing a newspaper below, because you don’t want to ruin your furniture or stuff.

4) Now place the plastic sheet on it (You can use a Zip Bags, old copies plastic anything on which the nail polish can dry off and would be easy to peel it off.)

5) Start by copying the design you have designed on the paper.

6) Use toothpicks, ball pen or sharp things to add details to it.

Example #1: If you are making a Heart. Add 2 drops of nail colours on plastic and join both in such a way that they make a heart.


7) Once you are done with the design, you can add some glitter or maybe some stones to it.

8) Let it dry for moment and then coat it with a top coat (Transparent Nail Colour)

9) Leave the plastic for overnight (8 Hours or until dry) in a safe place.

10) Check it once it is completely dried.




How to use Homemade Nail Art Stickers:


It is very easy!


1) Peel it off.

2) Place it on your nails.

3) Apply Top Coat to make it stay on your nails.

4) Let it dry.




Some Nail Art for your Inspiration:

  1. Nail Art Trend for Summer
  2. Donut/Doughnut Nails
  3. Insta Logo Nails
  4. Flower Nails
  5. How to/DIY French Nail Art At Home





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