How To / DIY : Homemade Hairfall Remedy Oil

Today our topic is on HairFall and Baldness. We will discuss an amazing HomeMade Hair Oil which will not only prevent HairFall, but it will also help in regrowth of Hairs.

Every girl/women love their Hair. Even if their clothes, shoes or bags are not perfect their hairs are perfect (Most of the time). Hairs are our best friend because they make us look AMAZING, no matter what we wear. As a teenager, you want to dye your hairs, maybe curl or straighten it. But you are afraid of HairFall or that you may end up Bald. You are right to get worried about this problem. But you need a solution for this. Something good, reliable, affordable and of course ORGANIC. (Check this post: Hair Loss: How to Stop it on its Tracks)

Anyhow, if you are worried about you Hairfall and thinking that you may go bald, or you have some bald patches. No need to worry because the time of tension is over. You must be thinking why is that so, well it is mainly because we have found a perfect solution for this problem.

The solution is a Homemade HairFall Oil. This Oil was recommended by a Herbalist here. Many girls have used this Homemade Hair Oil and they now have beautiful, long and strong hairs. Their hairs are ready to face any challenges such as dye, bleach, heat etc.


Do you want Hairs like them, then just apply this Homemade HairFall Remedy Oil at least twice a week.


Homemade Hairfall Remedy Oil:

Things we need:


  1. Jasmine Oil
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Egg Oil


How to make:


  • Take a bowl and a spoon.
  • Add Jasmine, Olive and Eggs Oil in equal quantity.
  • Mix these 3 Oil perfectly.


How to Use:

  • Apply this mixture of Jasmine, Olive and Eggs Oil to your Hairs.
  • Make sure that you apply them to your roots.
  • You can leave this for as long as you want but 2 hours is a must.
  • Wash your hairs.


That’s it!



Benefits of Jasmine, Olive and Eggs Oil:


  • Jasmine Oil (Details): Controls rough hairs, strengthen hair roots, gives pleasant and relaxing aroma, antiseptic for the scalp, helps stop lice etc.
  • Egg Oil (Details and How to make Egg Oil at home): Moisturiser hairs, helps strengthen hairs, conditions hairs, prevent hair loss etc.
  • Olive Oil (Details): Prevent split ends and frizzy hairs, strengthen hairs, conditions hairs, extra softness, makes hair manageable, gives shine to hairs etc.





This mixture of Jasmine, Olive and Eggs Oils may smell bad, but is very effective and I recommend that everyone should use it. In the end, I would like to share an article which helps you out to make your hairs longer naturally Grow Hairs Longer NaturallyHope you have liked our post.


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